February 6, 2012 in Bright and Shiny

Llani – bag lady PAR excellence!

This intrepid lady is BRAVER than me having battled her way on a ‘Diablo Rojo’ (local busses jam packed solid that tear around Panama City hooting and spitting) in the search of the ultimate local talent. Although her passion really lies in scarves, it hasn’t stopped her coming across some unusually cool pieces like this woven bag from the Darien Forest Indians, which hales from El Mercado de Artesanos on the site of OLD PANAMA! Llani did say she had picked up the best! BUT, BUT…there is no harm in having a look-see right? The Artisan Market is open every day at Panama Viejo.



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One Response to Llani – bag lady PAR excellence!

  1. Llani says:

    It was so great to meet you and thanks for the kind words! Move over Margaret Thatcher!!!
    Highly recommend the market; there are lots of great bags!
    See you later this year.
    Happy journeys,

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