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February 1, 2012 in Gastro

Mr P puts his cooking know-how to the test in the interior!



Papiro y Yo owner Zaira does a trip to the interior every other weekend come rain or shine! Starting at 6.00am, it’s a 3-hour bus drive, followed by a 40-minute car drive and an hours walk. She is committed to her artisan workforce that produces her designs using traditional skills passed on from generations. Mostly women, they live in impeccably kept 3-room huts, scattered about the jungle near Penonome, electricity-free and surrounded by extended family. Hardworking and with pride in their work, they pick, select, dry, dye (natural dyes) and then weave – making baskets, place mats and bags that Zaira then takes back to sell in her shop.
We were lucky to be invited on one such trip to learn more about these artisans and their work.
Mr P, whose appetite and enthusiasm for all things culinary knows no bounds, thought he might whip up a little tasty snack from the back of his rucksack, and to the delight of all the weavers, he prepared THE stalwart of ENGLISH fare – Le Tuna & Mayo sandwich, inclusive of cucumber, lemon and salad.
A TRULY MESSY BUSINESS sans couteau, but one really enjoyed by our lovely hosts!