Leon Flam - the IT bag for boys

It's snowing in Paris, but who really cares? Snuggling in the microclimate of the pret-a-porter shows and discovering new labels is a treat.

Tranoi Homme is held at the Bourse - a tightly curated show with a majority of Italian exhibitors...but then there is this ONE French label with this kind of 'pzas', and a BAG: Leon Flam

Guillaume Gibault and Louis Epaulard resurrected this line of canvas and leather bags from 1924 and named it after Guillaume's great grandfather who made bags that became very popular amongst the 20's set and the Aeropostale flyers.

Today the Leon Flam bags are still artisanal and made in France. Each one is numbered and comes in four colours. Stylish and light, but strong for the job, they conform to cabin sizing and functionality for the modern travelling man.

These French boys know about cables and computer bits, and probably hair products, although left unmentioned.

The mind-blowing piece for me is the 'Buenos Aires'. It's a bag with pocket tidies (I use these all the time on the motorbike), but with fasteners allowing you delve in without opening it out. Clever right? It really begs to be loaded by the media crowd for a trial run!

...in the meantime, I certainly LOVE IT.