Leutton Postle - the success of the PLEATED trouser

20130224-131054.jpg Breaking from the runway norm, luxury knitwear duo Sam Leutton and Jenny Postle used the medium of film for the first time to showcase their AW13 collection, exclusively at London Fashion Week.

Part of FASH/On Film – a project that sees the British Fashion Council teaming up with River Island on an initiative to promote the relationship between fashion and film – the energetic and whimsically fun-filled short allows for a more dynamic and engaging presentation, fully absorbing the viewer in the world of Leutton Postle.


Directed by Amy Gwatkin, the light-hearted yet fast-paced film is an explosion of colour and texture and reflects the playful, humorous, surreal and vaguely ironic mood of the collection.

Viewers are presented with a mish-mash collection of close ups of the collection, interspersed with clips of a carefree young model dancing and moving in way that echoes the playful and childlike nature of the patterning of the knits.


"Our AW13 collection began by experimenting with painting and collage, which we then crudely digitalised into pleated knits. Spreading the pattern only on the pleated surface we created pattern which broke when moved. Pleats are also manipulated on the body to form a sophisticated silhouette to balance out with a playful, iridescent colour palette.”


Harnessing the use of black in a first for the label, Leutton Postle has created a collection that brings together their signature clashing block colour, mixed with the refinement and strength of silhouette that black provides. An overall more grown-up look with a focus on wearability.


Pleats have been pushed to the extreme by combining them with pattern and then allowing the structures to be manipulated to inform the shape of a garment. Waistlines are created by bringing together pleats in bands in a process that is as structurally complex as it is beautifully simple. Where not joined, patterns are broken with the movement of the pleats.


AS FOR THE PLEATED TROUSER, if you're cursed with 'bean pole' or 'straight, straight legs', these are the TROUSERS for you!

So G O R G E O U S!