SONATA - Oozing with femininity

20130219-112939.jpg Patience was definitely a virtue needed in abundance for the audience at the Sonata Lingerie catwalk show at the Westbury Hotel over London Fashion Week. The main event itself – the presentation of the latest collection of drool-worthy Sonata Lingerie – was well worth the wait, BUT the pre-show warm up consisted of a rather strange and eclectic amalgamation of, in cases, dubiously skilled alternative designers.


The best of the pre-show talent was Charlene Edwards, who launched her brand in 2012 and aims to develop an intriguing style that epitomises the strong, professional woman. Her collection was characterized by a predominance of neutral earthly colours.


But now on to the true star of the show: Sonata Lingerie fuses beautiful and technically unique design forms with hyper-luxurious silk and lace, creating garments that contour and deify the female form.


The pieces are so delicate in their femininity and yet manage to ooze with an incredible and envy-inducing sex appeal.

“I use only the best”, says Lithuanian born founder, Sonata Rapalyte. “100% pure silk chiffon and silk satin, incorporating lace and crystals in almost all of my designs". Her passion for lingerie shows in her lovingly handcrafted lace bodies, which are quite simply beautiful.

Looking to become an irresistible temptress for a night? Invest in one of these pieces…now!