20130226-192322.jpg Because there is so much to rave about at Estethica, I have decided to divide it up into a couple of pieces. In that way enjoying with you my new discoveries and reaffirming why I am so in love with my old favourites!

Founded by the British Fashion Council to showcase the growing movement of cutting-edge designers committed to working eco-sustainably, the Estethica Exhibition at London Fashion Week showcased 14 designers over the AW13 season.

Estethica designers have been chosen for their design excellence and commitment to working in a sustainable way. All designers adhere to at least one of the key Estethica principles of fair trade and ethical practice in the production process, the inclusion of organic fibres and the use of up-cycled and recycled fabrics and materials.


New to the exhibition arena, Estethica/Veolia Resource Competition winner Liora Lassalle is using the platform to launch her debut collection of haute couture designs created using old hi-visibility jackets that would have been recycled. Speaking about her pieces Lassalle said,

“AW13 brings together 18th century romanticism with modern day workman wear -contrasting hi-visibility and pearls!”

This is a girl with serious talent. Watch this space!



Janice Perez wowed with her stunning iconic jewellery brand Ruda Rings, whose exclusive sculpted rings explore the most natural forms in all their subtlety and are made of woods originally from used furniture and demolished places.


Still more discoveries to come! SO KEEP CHECKING IN!

Images Nyla Sammons