Gudrun & Gudrun - Scandinavian Sustainability

20130305-222844.jpg It’s always great when you stumble upon that rare breed of designer, you know the one who has both the talent to create stylish, wearable and lust-worthy pieces, but also the moral compass to ensure their production, materials and conscience is ethical and sustainable.

Rare, and yet the ethical fashion industry seems to be growing, with last week’s London Fashion Week demonstrating that more and more people, brands and organizations are jumping on the ‘Fashion-for-a-good-cause bandwagon’ as our collective conscience shifts.


One such company is Faroese luxury knitwear label Gudrun & Gudrun who were taking part in the special Scandinavian exhibition in Somerset House over London Fashion Week. Not only are the chunky hand-knit sweaters (inspired by the old Faroese fisherman’s sweaters and adapted with a tighter fit for women) envy-inducingly gorgeous, but the brand also happens to be committed to sustainable or ethical production incorporating the concept of using sustainable, natural resources whilst still ascertaining the aesthetic of luxurious and stylish knitwear.

As the host of the panel Guðrun Rógvadóttir spoke to the rapt audience about how she founded the brand after witnessing the colossal waste of local sheep farmers burning unused wool and destroying sheep's skins. The idea was to change the way fashion is perceived and make people think about the bottom line and how we approach sustainable production.

20130305-223624.jpg “The Faroese yarn and lambskins used in the G&G production are all waste products. The sheep are kept for the mutton, so no animals are used for production only. Gudrun & Gudrun use all natural resources, including fish leather, which is also considered a useless waste product taken from fish caught for eating,” said Rógvadóttir.

Gudrun & Gudrun believes in the virtues of natural beauty, nature and as such do not use models or studios to market their product, but real people and our interaction with nature and the environment - to underline that nakedness in all forms tells the real story about their clothing.


The Gudrun & Gudrun vision is to make a very simple, yet very ambitious difference. They want to make clothes that live up to the standards of conscious consumers who want to be stylish but who also care about each other, the environment and our common natural resources.

Naturally, talk soon turned to ethical consumption, an issue at the heart of the ethical fashion community and one that is all too often overlooked in favour of ‘overconsumption’ and a concerted dedication to living ‘The Good Life’.


According to Guðrun Rógvadóttir, "The fashion industry should be thinking about the processes it uses to colour, print and process fabrics in order to use less energy, create less pollution and consume less natural resources, the resources that are so incredibly limited in today's world.”

The brand believes in the idea that we don't need more “stuff” we just need to create better choices, by consciously thinking about using the smaller suppliers in order to protect our invaluable and limited natural resources.