HANDER SALON Panamá + L'Oréal Professionnel = Maison Parisienne de La Coiffure (The Designer)

Panamanian designer, Moises Sandoya was selected by Mr Hander himself to create the concept for the showpieces for the Hander Salon 'Maison Parisienne de la Coiffure event'. You can understand why he was asked just by taking a look at the gorgeous semi-precious stone costume that he created for the 'Las Tablas Carnival' queen this year (above). 20130325-185729.jpg Moises with the 'Marie Antoinette' costume and elongated semi-crinoline (Model: Nayomi)

I was lucky to catch up with Moises Sandoya at his workshop off Via España with a time scale of only two and a half weeks from receiving the brief to delivering the ready-made piece, ready for Mr Hander and his top stylists to do their magic. It meant WORK, WORK, WORK for him as we talked.

20130325-190306.jpg Design work and hairpieces for the 'Marie Antoinette' piece.

There will be three models with three different concepts to showcase the L'Oréal creed for 'La Maison Parisienne de la Coiffure': 1. L'excellence artisanal, 2. Expertise, 3. Innovation, 4. A unique way to reveal the beauty in all women through professionally designed hair.

20130325-193558.jpg Moises with the 'Panama' dress and large head comb (Model: Karina)

Sandoya is not only renowned for his more extravagant and imaginative pieces, he also shows his collections at Fashion Week Panama and has a fabulous range of accessories firmly rooted in Panamanian traditional handicraft.

20130325-213726.jpg Design work and hairpieces for the 'Panama' dress.

This self-effacing man always refers back to his hard working team of seamstresses who work with him around the clock on some of the more complicated pieces. Although, as he confesses, he is never happier then on the job, something I witnessed firsthand, especially when pieces needed to be adapted last minute.

Quietly looking at the problem, Sandoya manipulates, sews and adds gently and elegantly until he finds the solution.

20130325-215753.jpg Moises with 'Cape' piece and large shoulder pieces (Model: Dayana)

20130325-220057.jpg Design work and hairpieces for the 'Cape' piece.