IT TAKES 2 Sisters - ThePdesign - El Salvador

20130516-160208.jpg Imagine the perfect scenario: Miss P, a superb design talent (trained in Italy) combined with Miss M, a marketing and banking whiz (trained in the UK and at HSBC). Both are workaholics and both are passionate about what they do.


The end result is creativity, but with a business plan. Perfect. Barely over a year old, they've been snapped up by clever concept stores Common People in Polanco, Mexico (it stocks Vivienne Westwood & Marc Jacobs), Wolf & Badger in London, By G Boutique in Honduras and in their home town of San Salvador, El there is some talk about Japan, France and Germany (shhhh!).

I can totally see why.


I was given a preview of thePdesign 'Collection 2013', over a cup of tea with Maria Elena Castillo (Miss M) at Sal y Pimienta. The range includes structured and immaculately executed pieces in fabulous materials (sourced from New York and Italy). Sizing is S, M and L with a couple of one-size pieces due to their volume. The colour palette is subdued and they always use black, but because of the different weights and textures of the materials, there is no feeling of oppression and their two gorgeous mostly white and grey prints dance happily in and out of main shapes.


Okay, me and my Doubting Thomas ways just needed to ask Maria Elena that one burning question? I mean I adore my sisters and all, but work with them? I did try and have MEMORIES! Not all of them are that great...

Does it really work, a business with a sister, I mean aren't there scenes and bad moments?

-Maria Elena really looks at me horrified-

'No. Not at all! We really miss each other when we're traveling for work, and one's left behind in the atelier'.

UGH. I guess that's why it's so perfect then! This duo is definitely one to watch!