Mielle Lingerie from ALEXANDRA BRUGAL- breaking ground in El Salvador

Alexandra BRUGAL is a special Lady she is changing the stereotype underwear market in Central America all on her own....I got lucky & managed an interview!

Alexandra why underwear? I have been a fan of fashion and clothing all my life, I studied fashion design at Savannah College of Art and Design,I chose lingerie, because in El Salvador I had a very hard time finding nice lingerie, especial cotton underwear. And I found out that I wasn’t the only one, plenty of women did not know, where they could find, comfortable panties, nice pajamas and items you can wear around the house.It’s been tough since I never went deep into studying underwear. But I have learned so much about it that right now it would be hard to think of doing something else.

Aha so thats why I haven't come across any lingerie boutiques.just underwear sections in the department stores where you find the same brands.


I realize you're going for natural fabrics, is that because you see it missing in El Salvador?

I’m working with cotton because it’s the healthiest fiber in the market, since it’s natural. Also it is super comfortable and easy to maintain. In El Salvador most lingerie lines are selling panties with new fibers that hide your underwear, and it looks great. But they are all made with polyester or other man made fiber, which is horrible for warm climate and are terrible for hygiene and over all health. Cotton is very versatile and it’s something everyone likes. It’s easy to match with lace and other compliments. Another plus is that my panties don’t have any elastic around the edges so the fit around the legs is very subtle and it does not make ugly marks.


Where are they made... ? I love the colour combinations. Mielle panties are 100% made in El Salvador, the cotton fabric and the production is all done here in San Salvador. Right now the only colors for the cotton are white and beige, soon I will be implementing black. Those three colors are very essential and easy to work with. I dye my own lace, that’s how I get so many colors.

How many collections & styles are you planning for the brand? I know you mentioned pjs & loungewear. Right now in the market I have only Oliva (half cotton half lace) and as the market gets bigger, I will be including my other designs Bluet, Basic and Angelique . They will all come in Thong, Bikini Briefs and Boyshorts at the moment they come in S, M, L but I will be including xS and xL in my other designs.

20130521-205300.jpg You mentioned that later there would be pajamas & robes when can we look forward to these, Christmas? more to the point where can we buy now? Hopefully for Christmas I will have more stores selling my panties, with different items in and different colors. I have also planed to produce bras, robes and pajamas. I can't wait to start making pajamas, I love comfortable, cozy items, and I think I will be the most excited to start seeing my pajama collections. Right now my briefs are selling at Kalas Bridal & Boutique in El Salvador,they cost $12.75 including taxes .

I AM personally in love with Alexandra's Beige OLIVA with white lace pair that fit perfectly with my white & beige motor biking bras ( not keen on being to Matchy Matchy so this is perfect). So putting in my Mielle order for a weeks supply directly. They come in a take away package made of recycled paper, perfect to fit panties.