BoBelle London - A bag for my new condition

With two shoulders in disrepair - one fractured, the other operated on - it's truly desperate times for me! I have been ordered not to hang anything heavy on my shoulders, so I have turned to one of the stylish women I know in accessories: Claire Watt-Smith of BoBelle London for help. Armed with luggage scales and a canvas bag, I make my way to the 'queen of the working women's bags' studio at Somerset house!


EXPERIENCE has taught me that I need to keep focused. It's hard when you have got gorgeous eye candy such as the Ovington, the Audley and the Rose for distraction. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love a LOT OF SPARKLE!


Claire gets me back on track and both the Rivington and the Cadogan weigh in empty at 1.1kg and both have space for my beloved iPad. But for me it has to be the Rivington. Why? I like the fact that I can put the iPad in the separate compartment in the front. Also it's a shoulder bag, which means I can do hands-free for texting. Inside it's pretty simple. There are two compartments for phones and a deep zipped pocket, and a pen holder (I never knew that you couldn't get rid of ink on leather, so this is a godsend). I am a fervent believer of 'little is more'. I have fallen foul to bags with too many compartments, sending me into panic attack of feverish hunting for which one has the keys! Another plus for the Rivington is the room for A4 documents, and recently with all the DOCTOR'S VISITS, A4 documents are what I have been carrying around!


It's time to put all my pieces in, and truly it does look quite empty, although another weigh in brings it up to 2.6kg...and I still haven't put in the light scarf or pashmina that I carry around for change of weather.