Wherever I go in the world, there’s always a sports shop. Even when there are no clothing retailers, the local amenity shop always carries a couple of sport polos blazoned with whichever football team is favored in its locality!

It’s at times like this that I thankfully think of Wilfried Pletzinger. Taking original pieces from 70s, 80s and 90s sportswear, he creates sophisticated, wearable fashion with personality and sex appeal for both men and women! I like to think that at the end of their shelf life, the ghastly football polo goes somewhere to be transformed into something beautiful.

As a Swede, recently Wilfried moved back to his beloved Berlin. I’ve always had a burning question for him. I caught up with him en route to Holland for a long weekend and just let rip!


What do you prefer to design, mens or womenswear?

A part of my concept is to produce as much unisex fashion as possible. Most of my pants are unisex. Lots of my pants for men are often bought by women. I like to play with genders. You remember the collection where I did the ruffling for men? In the end, these were mostly bought by women.

Ultimately, I do menswear because it feels easier. I can think about what I would like to wear and during the process, I can be a model. However womenswear gives me more options to be creative by playing with shapes and proportions.


I would like to work with more conception. But since I live through the sale of my clothes, I have to adhere to the customers wishes and what is selling well.

In the beginning I did more womenswear, and in the last collection a bit more menswear. What I do for them is selling well. A reason that I often post more mens than womens outfits is that my neighbour and good friend likes modelling for me.


Wilfried, I LOVE the answers!

UNISEX – it’s an old concept making more and more sense today. Because of all the exciting breakthroughs in men’s fashion of late, I’ve already crossed over and bought some guys stuff for next season. I’m even proud to know my equivalent menswear size in a couple of labels!