The winged jacket above is a creation designed and made by 'junky-styling' Exciting times for Junky Styling! After 15 years, it’s time for a rebrand, taking its well deserved cult following with it. The label is changing it’s name to: Operation Wardrobe. Scheduled for an October launch, Junky Styling has moved out of its Hackney offices and back into the North London workshop; which means Operation Wardrobe is just few weeks away from blast off!


But as is the way of the world, good things usually come all at once. Not only will the label be trading under a brand new name, it’s been asked to produce a capsule collection for an initiative called East to East (opening to the public on E1’s Fashion Street in the Autumn). East to East will showcase 10 original East London brands on a mission to break into the Far East market, as well as exhibiting renegade styles of substance in East London itself. As Kerry Seager, one third of Operation Wardrobe rightly says “It’s a brilliant opportunity”.


Anyway, Operation Wardrobe have started a little crowdfund campaign with the newly established AudaCity of Fashion, to provide them with the capital needed to begin the completely new and fresh Operation Wardrobe collection.

With as little as £10, you can help the team clubs together to get enough money to launch the new collection. A ‘pledge’ is a ‘promise’ that says you’ll support Operation Wardrobe if everyone else does, so you only part with your money if they reach their full funding goal of £2,500. With only four days to go it’s time to act quickly!


It’s worth noting that Operation Wardrobe have found keen potential buyers from the Far Eastern market, all but waiting on the launch of that capsule collection. This is truly exciting and for me, part of their original DNA. The team were one of the first in Europe to reconstruct existing garments and manufacture off-cuts into new and coveted fashion pieces. How amazing that the new team of Kerry Seager, David Mumford and Eric Holah should be the pioneers in the Far East, where the manufacturing boom is partly due to our excess clothing consumption.

If you’re looking to buy early, I think it’s a fantastic Christmas gift. For just a £55 pledge, you can get a TABLET COVER (retail price £65) made from premium suiting. This is a one-of-a-kind tablet cover made to cherish, and it has that feel good factor, because you know you’ve been part of something great!