My London Fashion Week Picks Day 4

Meeting Shilpa Chavan, a.k.a. Little Shilpa again at the launch of her SS14 ‘Grey Matter’ offering at Fashion Scout was awesome. She’s back re-designing clothes. Although renowned for her dramatic headpieces, more affordable retail headbands and groundbreaking jewellery this collection has her dismantling traditional Indian garments, such as the sari and katori. Using brocade silk lace and tulle to open up the saris, she transforms them into blouses – and the pre-draped sari skirts are worn with tees, men’s shirts, collars and bow ties. Along with these showcase pieces, there will be a collection of mittens, epaulets and headpieces affordably priced for you and DEFINITELY ME coming soon! 20130917-163341.jpg

Next up! Ankle bracelets over socks, pendants carried as worry beads, cropped jackets, jellaba style tunics, sand blasted Sahara yellows, Atlas mountain browns and burnt sun oranges. YEP you guessed it, the fictitious Tabernacle Twins take us to MOROCCO. The styling by Anders Sølvsten Thomsen is wonderful. Somewhere in there, a regal purple jumpsuit in lace with lined material pockets is just waiting to jump on bike with ME!



However, the sun took some time to shine on KTZ’s followers. The crowd was an amazing mass of people dressed in past collections, limited edition pieces and imitations. His collection was pretty spectacular as ever. The sort of thing you would probably hate to wear when going through airport security checks! BUT there is that one piece where lust outdoes all else – see moon walker babe below.


All images for Little Shilpa by Liv Bentley