It's raining toads and frogs in Paris at Premiere Class

It really was chucking it down yesterday, monsoon-style, in Paris at Premiere Classe! I guess it was good for designers showcasing as it meant the buyers couldn't leave the tents. There are about 20 exhibitions scattered all around Paris for Fashion Week and each venue has a ton or so designers showing. Trying to make it around to all of the exhibitions and shows makes it really easy to miss out on some eye-popping designs. 20130930-143733.jpg

Thinking about rain always makes me think of frogs and toads, so hey, presto, when I saw the KOBJA pieces I did a double take. On first crunch I thought, 'Oh my god', but my fascination for the unusual made me return to delve in deeper.

20130930-143953.jpg Monica Jarosz's interest runs from her childhood with her grandmother's fairytale story telling. Now older and with a background in the industry she realised it was possible to work with nature via design. Research, fine tuning and testing came next in order to perfect her 14-stage process in the creation of her KOBJA pieces. She uses a tannery in Millau and the stitching and assembly is done in her workshop in Paris. The frog, introduced from South America, is highly poisonous and is in the process of destroying several local species of Australasia. The situation has prompted the defense association to recommend selective elimination. "In this way," says Monica "each toad skin is recycled and not destroyed".


I certainly ain't going to find my prince kissing one of these...Mine is much more accessible, riding in leather on a motorbike somewhere.