Marc Jacobs, Me and Lingerie

With designer Marc Jacobs leaving the luxury goods firm Louis Vuitton to focus on his own brand with a spectacular funerary finale at Paris Fashion Week, the remembrance of how brilliant his reign has been came to the fore. Pre-Jacobs I would never even have looked at the Louis Vuitton label, renown for its emblematic travelling bag; and never could I have been so besotted by a collection like Jacob's AW2013 one for the brand. So I am now having to scour relentlessly worldwide: consignment, eBay and private addresses in order to find it at a price more in keeping with my fash-patched pocket! 20131005-130100.jpg

When money fails, it's time to dissect the look, but keep the essence. This has got to be one of my FAVOURITES - the teasing silk peep of the teddy under a heavy workwear v-neck. Trop boudoir - a naughty gamine look!

KMD (seen above) has a pink and black version of the Cherie teddy with either black or ivory trim and is made from stretch silk.


For those of us that feel that showing so much skin in winter might mean constant trips to the beautician for wax  (even though I do know the best. See my piece on wax), this could be a safer look. Again, it's gorgeous. Any piece of lush lingerie in cream silk can be worn either under a heavy winter coat, or a little heavier piece worn belted over a camel cashmere jumper and pencil skirt. Raine & Bea's Lili gown and slip are both made from 100% silk and really work this look perfectly.


Although it's really sad to see Marc go, I am really looking forward to seeing him let loose under the auspices of his own house. All hail Marc Jacobs!