Fusion - Michelle Lowe-Holder

I turned a corner on one of the aisles at Première Vision Paris and wham, bang the colour just HIT me! Flowering tropical anemones from a secret underwater world... 20131013-114859.jpg

Fusion is the name of Michelle Lowe-Holder's SS14 collection. I am surprised! Michelle's colours are generally more subdued, darker, although generally there is always a contrast within the piece, quietly so...but these pieces were shouting to be seen.

I asked her why. It's personal. I don't delve as she's a particularly private person, but she said she needed colour, and colour she has - riotous, screaming, beautiful and very much alive.


Michelle Lowe-Holder's collections are eco-hybrids using sustainable materials and ethically made.

The ribbons are off-cuts, the tulles are Italian, the breeding is done with the SEWA charity - protecting women in regards to fair wages and allowing them to work out of their homes.

Her production is meticulous. The tulle is cut and pleated in the UK by hand, then sent for the beading to India. Then it is returned and hand-finished in London.

Michelle's inspiration for Fusion comes from the cuisine term, and where recognizable traditions and techniques have been fused. For example the beautiful collar shape of the Masai has a dash of woven satin form China, seed beading from India, and a folded French tutu in a modern tulle. Maybe this why I love this collection - it's the WORLD.

Of course there is much, much more and I leave her stand dreaming of the 'Ballet Russe' and Diaghilev.