Claudia Skoda, Berlin - Part 1

There is definitely something afoot with knits. I have rarely seen so many designers whose pieces that I really want. Forget the thought that knit is all about boring jumpers or itchy acrylic tops; from the start of SS14, I've fallen in love with Mark Fast, Tim Ryan, Alice Palmer and now Claudia Skoda in Berlin. Could there be any more...? Whilst in Berlin I was lucky enough to meet Claudia and I managed to get some questions in.


Claudia, I have fallen in love with your mohair, especially your Cloud coat. I understand that each knitted piece in your shop is unique. Are they all hand knitted? Or are some made on machines?

It depends on the model. Most of the sweaters, hats and scarves are hand knitted. We are knitting on machines as well, but we do not manufacture by industrial knit. In our atelier each and every piece is made out of several pieces. They are all knitted in shape and sewn together. The difference, compared to industrial knitwear, is that the industrial knitwear is woven by meter and then cut and sewn together. That makes it a lot easier for the production and of course downscales the price. You will not find something like this at Claudia Skoda. Our religion is that a piece, no matter how small, is not cut from another piece, rather it's woven directly in the size and dimension needed.


Do you manufacture and produce in Germany?

Yes, we do and always have, for 40 years. Our manufacturing is still located in Berlin Mitte at Alte Schönhauser Straße. We are very proud that we know each of our knitters per name and do not produce our goods somewhere in the Middle East under questionable circumstances.


Where do you source your fabulous wools?

We order all our yarns from Italy. I personally handpick each wool. If there are new wool yarns, you will likely see them in our store first. As soon a yarn is introduced to the market and meets our needs in terms of quality and texture, a Claudia Skoda piece is manufactured and four weeks later it's in the store. Multiples take up to 18 months for this step and therefore they are never current in their fashion.


I am seriously trying to get over The Mohair, as this is the piece of dreams. The colours are amazing and it really makes you feel like a more intelligent version of the 'Bridgette Bardot sex kitten.'

Tomorrow on Ms Castro Rides: Claudia and the boys...

All photographs on models Boris Kralj Hair & Make-up: Felix @ Photograph of Claudia Skoda - Paulus Ponizak