Claudia Skoda, Berlin - Part 2

The Claudia Skoda label officially began in 1975. Claudia rented and renovated a factory floor in Berlin’s Kreuzberg, which was called Fabrikneu (straight from the factory, brand new). The 650m2 space housed workshops and living spaces for five people and David Bowie and Iggy Pop were regulars whilst living in Berlin. If you need to ask anyone about knit, Claudia is the ONE. 20131120-203406.jpg

I have noticed on your trousers, my second favourite item from your clothes collection, that the pattern creates varying optical illusions depending how you walk or stand. How do you even start thinking about that?

Thank you. I love tricky patterns and I also like hypno disc patterns.

Your collection can only be bought in your own boutique in Berlin. Was that a conscious decision? I understand of course that being unique pieces they just wouldn't work any other way, but it means the whole world is missing out on such amazing work!

That's right. In the past, there have been numerous reasons in doing it this way. Currently we are working on making Claudia Skoda more accessible to more people abroad since a lot of our customers live beyond Berlin, so that will change. I promise!

20131120-203629.jpg You design for men too and have a new pop-up boutique. Is this a new departure for you or have you always designed for men?

I have always designed for men. In my NY store back in the 80s, I designed more for men than for woman. In the 40 years of Claudia Skoda, we are constantly evolving so the pop-up boutique is another natural step for me.


Of course I want linger on and check out all the different patterns, getting her to take me through each yarn. But I feel it's just a little de trop to take up so much of her time. But her mohair pieces are still in my head. Her work is like one of those catchy songs you can't get rid of...