The View or The Knickers?

Stepping into Carmen Gonzales Lingerie's new, big New York-style loft, which houses her atelier, I am hard pushed as to where to park my eyes. On one side there are the rows of silk beauties that make up her collection. On the other, there is a view to die for! I am afraid it's got to be the lingerie.


Carmen makes one collection a year, but it's divided into two colour ranges. She also keeps a separate basics line, which runs stock throughout the year. My own travelling underwear comes from this basic line and I am really too shy to say how long I have had them for.

It's just they are so hardy and gorgeous, and dry perfectly overnight! I mention this phenomenon to her and she screams with laughter!

'It doesn't make very good business sense, verdad? Hmm, I guess not. But, on the plus side I do think of her daily!

20131207-000436.jpg Today my lust falls on the knee-length slips above (75 euros) and her fabulous knickers below. These peek-a-boo knickers (49 euros) come in two versions. The ones with a silk ribbon tie - very feminine, very pretty and extremely popular, and the others that come with adjustable little straps, which Carmen and I both prefer. Both versions come in either a gunmetal black and wine silk satin or black and pink tulle. They're adorable little gifts for Christmas and each comes in it's own cigar box.


But, I leave perplexed! I can't figure it out, why do I prefer the knickers with the strap so much more?  and it's only when I get back to Hotel Santa Catalina and show a couple of friends that the penny drops!

I am too independent! I want to wear gorgeous underwear everyday for me, for myself, so am I really going to be hanging around waiting for someone to lace them up delicately for me ?  Hell, no.

Camen Gonzalez underwear will be showing next weekend the 14th December at the Mencey Fashion Rooms. She will have her entire array of silk goodies on display, and again, they are the perfect Christmas presents.

I will see you there!