Bosinko - Two Designers with Two Styles

They have one thing in common. They love real stones, Swarovski and fresh water pearls, and jewellery that is individually made. They won't do plastic and no two pieces are alike! Bosinko's Shara is Italian and uses thread and bead work to form intricate patterns. When she tried to explain the mathematical rows and lanes she uses in her work, it nearly gave me a headache. 'They're just to beautiful to be dissected,' I proclaimed.

There is something totally renacimiento about her colours. They're rich, intricate and elegant. When they say the Italians have a colour combination inside their DNA, they're so totally right. Shara is the perfect example. Her pieces, like Klimt patterns, are made into rings, brooches, earrings, pendants and bridal adornments.


Bosinko's Mirta is Argentinian and jewellery is just one of the mediums for her creative output. She designs clothes and is part of the whole Tenerife 'carnival set'. Her pieces tend to be big and shout colour. There is certainly no blending here. You wear her jewellery to be seen. Belts and necklaces are really her thing where jewellery is concerned. When you turn your eye to any of her pieces it's like a journey of discovery. There are stones and colour and filigree intermingled with exotic pools of metals and other textures.


The girls at Bosinko have their atelier in Toscal, Santa Cruz and are exclusive to Mithings boutique in Playa Las Americas. As well as being stocked at Big Bang Abbigliamento and Maddalena Intimo in Bosa Sardinia , Italy.

Thank you to Mariana, my beautiful Bosinko brand ambassador.