Abotonados: 4 Designers 1 Label, The Canary Islands

It's certainly novel. I had heard great things about Oliver Hernandez's his work and his finish. Things aren't easy in fashion in Gran Canaria. Materials and trained labour are a difficulty; so getting together with three other like-minded creative designers seemed like the best way to share the burden of starting up. I am really intrigued as to how they work it? Do they all design? This is after all their third collection. It started with I love Abotonados, then came Crazy Africa, and now OCM, which is their SS14 collection. Something has definitely got to be working.


Speaking to the gorgeous and very relaxed Oliver at Hotel Santa Catalina he explains that all of the Abotonados team design, although some prefer the pattern cutting, or the sewing element of the collection process.

For the OCM SS14 collection, the designs are solely Oliver's. His inspiration is the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly. Utilising the colours to separate the stages, the stripes signify being the caterpillar, the solid browns and greens for the chrysalis and the burst of red and orange symbolise the full-blown butterfly, and the collection dances before my eyes!

Although the sampling pieces are in silk, the label is commercialising in made fibres in order to keep their pieces accessible to their chosen market, so all will be under €100. WOW.


I want to know where I can buy their collection, NOW. The Canaries are never really being cold, so for SS14 the collection will be retailing in the south of the island. But at the moment they do private orders from their atelier in the capital, Las Palmas.

Oliver also mentions Abotonados is also excited about designing the female clothing for a mini YouTube series, Buscando Romeo, hitting the internet nationwide next year. I love this cross marketing. It's creative and gets their work exposed to a larger audience.

I personally love pants and jumpsuits and Abotonados' high-waisted pants are fantastic for us girls who want to look leaner and longer. I am so there - at their atelier!


Model - Dasury Jeong Trujillo