Lupe Castro international fashion and lifestyle expert


Lupe Castro is a renowned creative director, writer, fashion and lifestyle expert and one of the world’s leading stylists to both emerging and established designers.

Lupe established her indubitable reputation in the industry as one of the first digital influencers, blogging under the alias of Ms Castro Rides. The blog records the travel diary of this stylish woman, including her travel reports; international fashion week articles; an insight into her creative direction projects; reviews of hidden boutiques, art openings and best restaurants in the world; and exclusive interviews with carefully selected designers.

Owning one of the world’s most coveted vintage collections, Lupe is now leading a movement which is both artistic and social, bringing together music, art and fashion with the intention of promoting a new style of tourism and culture. As Creative Director of the pioneering Studio 54 Tenerife brand, which takes its name from the famous 70s New York nightclub of the same name, Lupe is building a portfolio of properties and businesses that follow the concept including apartments, villas, an e-commerce shop and shortly a fashion event space.

Lupe’s portfolio covers editorial features for leading magazines, styling for private clients and commercial shoots for brands including National Geographic, America’s high-net worth magazine FAIRWEATHER and Spain’s MADE Now Magazine. Lupe has styled catwalk shows for Pure, EcoLuxe, Futures 100, UK Aware and Molton House and works with global fashion brands to advise or style their imagery, look book shoots and campaigns.

Lupe is passionate about discovering the next generation of designer and supporting breakthrough talent, something that she has become renowned for all over the world. Lupe supports the ethical side of the fashion industry and her love of vintage and eclectic fashions defines her personal dress sense: beautifully quirky and original. Her knowledge and passion for the industry and charismatic personality means she is regularly invited to speak at events around the world.