Echo Fashion - Krakow - Poland

The soft, delicate and extremely feminine pieces that make up the ECHO collection, were created for women who want their wardrobe looking classically stylish, understated and demure, yet noticeable and strong.

IMG_0236.JPG The simple lines and patterns seen in the stunning dresses, skirts and jackets create an easy elegance, while references to some of the hottest trends this season such as crop tops and dip hem skirts keep the collection looking fresh, adding a much needed touch of sass to the overall sweetness of the pieces.

IMG_0242.JPG These coveted items are about perfect craftsmanship, exact tailoring and the creation of pieces designed to fit and look so good they speak for themselves.


Aurelia Gil - Canary Islands - DESIGNER TO WATCH!

One of the greatest fashion talents of the Canary Islands, Aurelia Gil has developed a signature style with her stand out prints, which she splashes across her pieces including her famous gorgeous leggings. Renowned for her use of 100% Spanish material, Gil has also made a name for herself as a designer who uses only the top quality fabrics, plus all of her products are made locally in Gran Canaria.

IMG_6964.JPG Her design style exudes a quiet elegance, and I always wonder whether this comes from her artistic background. Having always said that she designs clothes for every kind of women of all ages and all shapes, it is not surprising that her studio in Gran Canaria also caters for bespoke bridal wear and Mothers of the brides.

IMG_6966.JPG While her collections are currently being shown nationally at the Gran Canaria Moda Calida, as well as the highly anticipated Spanish Fashion Weeks of Madrid and Valencia, her work is also getting international interest, and her fan club is certainly worldwide.


IMG_6963.JPG Photographs Santiago Ladeiro


Jeder weiss, dass es schwierig ist Männern Geschenke zu kaufen. Was kauft man den Jemanden, der schon 100 paar lustige Socken hat, unendliche Mengen von Arbeitsschlipse und mehr Whisky den er in einem Jahr trinken kann? Die Antwort: Die Overnighter Tasche von Designer Paul Magí.


Die schlichte, trendige und völlig praktische Tasche ist perfekt für den Jetset Weltreisenden. Es wurde so entworfen, sodas alles reinpasst, was ein Mann für eine Übernachtung braucht – es hat innen drei Steckfächer, alle für eine bestimmten Gegenstand.


Zwischen zwei grössere Steckfächer gibt es einen gefütterten Mittelsteckfach für A4 Dokumente oder einen bis zu 43,9 cm grossen Netbook oder Tablet.


Die Overnighter Tasche wird in Schwarz und Cognac erhältlich sein. Geöffnet wird die Tasche Waagerecht auf der Seite um die vordere Seite mit Kleider zu packen. Die hintere Seite, wo es Taschen für kleinere Gegenstände gibt, die der moderne Herr gebrauchen könnte, wie z.B eine Sonnenbrille, Kabeln, Zahlungskarten, Stifte, Münzen und sogar Schuhe, wird senkrecht geöffnet.


Die Tasche ist super praktisch und lässt sich bequem, entweder in der Hand tragen oder auch als Umhänge Tasche. Es ist ausserdem unbestreitbar stilvoll, aus italienischem Leder und britischem Baumwollkanevas.


XMAS GIFTS MEN -Paul Magi – The Overnighter

Men are notoriously hard to buy Christmas presents for. What do you get the guy who already has 100 pairs of novelty socks, endless racks of work ties and more whiskey than he can drink in a year? The answer: The Overnighter bag by designer Paul Magí.

IMG_6741.JPG Perfect for the jet set, world traveller, this slick, trendy, hugely efficient piece of hand luggage is designed to perfectly fit anything a man might need for an overnight trip, with three different sections, each made for a specific item.

IMG_6750.JPG Sandwiched between the two larger compartments, the fully padded middle section can snugly and safely accommodate A4 documents or Laptops and tablets with up to 17″ screens.

IMG_6742.JPG Accessed when the back is lying horizontal on its side, the front The Overnighter will be available in black and cognac fits a change of clothes, while the back section can be opened when the bag is upright, and has a series of elasticated pockets perfect for all the smaller objects the modern man might need such as sunglasses, cables, cards, pens, coins and even footwear.

IMG_6749.JPG Not only is the bag extremely convenient and highly functional, it is also comfortable to carry either in the hand or across the shoulder, as well as undeniably stylish with its beautiful Italian leather and British cotton canvas.


ALWAYS FABULOUS - MARC CAIN - 'welcome to the circus'

A Summer collection named ‘Welcome to the Circus’ is bound to inspire excitement and anticipation, and that is exactly what Marc Cain’s SS15 line did when it was presented on the press day at the designer’s fabulous offices on Great Portland Street.

IMG_6558.JPG The vibrantly colourful collection offered something for everyone, with comfortable sportswear for exercise fanatics, fun circus-inspired daywear for expressive young extroverts, leopard print workwear for chic style-conscious professionals and dazzling eveningwear for the glamour kittens.


For the more conservative fashionista’s, a collection of more toned down daywear and workwear, using plain colour in pastel shades was also on show.


Some of my personal favourites from the collection included a colourful line of trainers using a mixture of weave and leather with matching woven caps, the really fun bold circus inspired printed jumpers, some almost 80’s throw back mini-skirts and jackets incorporating weave and denim, and the stunning and vibrant bold print jackets, miniskirts and shorts.

IMG_6563-0.JPG And the collection’s magic and popularity has no bounds, with A-list celebrities such as Hilary Swank rocking the looks on the red carpets such as this ensemble she wore at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.


Fashion Philosophy - FASHION WEEK POLAND - Dawid Tomaszewski -Suprematism

Polish fashion designer Dawid Tomaszewski’s SS15 installation reigned supreme, with inspiration taken from a mix between the art movement of Russian constructivism, and elements of the Bauhaus style. Russian suprematist art is characterised by a minimalistic approach, with particular attention to detail. Tomaszewski embodies this very concept, with his white cashmeres and silks, elegantly combined with red goat leather and accents of embroidery and lace.

IMG_6620.JPG Russian suprematist art is characterised by a minimalistic approach, with particular attention to detail. Tomaszewski embodies this very concept, with his white cashmeres and silks, elegantly combined with red goat leather and accents of embroidery and lace.

IMG_6622.JPG The main objectives of the Bauhaus were to unify art, craft, and technology with the use of graphical shapes, different materials and colours. Meanwhile the Russian constructivists, such as Popova and Stepanova, used geometric shapes such as the triangle or the circle, to produce a sense of levitation. In this same way, the textile patterns in some of Tomaszewski’s dresses interchange sizes and sequences, and use a similar three dimensionality as seen in Cubism, to give a sense of space.

IMG_6623.JPG Tomaszewski’s prints are derived from construction blue prints, and influences for both the prints, and the SS15 collection as a whole, can clearly be seen in the work of American painter and sculptor Donald Judd, and Italian installation artist Esther Stocker.

IMG_6625.JPG Tomaszewski’s colour palate of soft whites and greys boldly pierced with reds and accented with teals, evokes symbiosis. Incidentally, Symbiosis comes from the Greek words “with” and “living”, and describes the close relationship between two organisms from different species. br /> IMG_6626.JPG The delicate summery silks are refined with sequin embroideries to accentuate the signature print of the collection, which is majestic and beautiful in its simplicity.

IMG_6628.JPG Photographs Beata Siewiski

Fashion Philosophy - FASHION WEEK POLAND - BOLA - Fylgir

The 'Fylgir' collection by Bajer Ola is the designer’s second with an Icelandic inspiration. Coming from an arts background, Ola is a graduate of The Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, and started her label ‘Bola’ in 2009. Speaking about her love of the Nordic country she said: “Iceland is a place that fascinates and inspires me. I think it is very graphical and painterly place.”

IMG_6581.JPG Her label features both menswear and womenswear in equal strengths. Certainly her colour selection of white, beige, ecru, gold, silver, black, grey and red, captures the land of fire and ice, and conjures images of vast wastelands and endless views.

IMG_6576.JPG In Icelandic 'Fylgir' means inseparable, inherent, and included. This definition together with the word ‘Organic’, which in this instance Ola sees as both 'fauna or flora’, as well as ‘a strict connection with each other or something’, encapsulates the true vision of her SS15 work.

IMG_6575.JPG Ola’s beautiful graphic prints are layered and placed over one another utilising various techniques, such as phantom imprint, plastisol, flock and knit. Her materials – silk, chiffon, viscose, polyester and cotton mix, with metallic thread fabric – are all hand-printed by means of screen printing .

IMG_6578.JPG Although primarily a street wear collection, I personally see 'Fylgir' moving towards a broader spectrum. Especially with her womenswear pieces, where her trade mark simple cut with un-fussy graphics are set to score hire on wearable elegance. I for one can't wait for it to be available online.

IMG_6577.JPG All photographs by Beata Siewicz

Fashion Philosophy - FASHION WEEK POLAND - NENUKKO - unisex urbanite

Travelling internationally through different time zones, exposed to diverse weather conditions and assorted cultures, on planes, trains and cars, requires clothing which is easy adaptable and combinable.

IMG_5865.JPG NENUKKO has got to be one of my favourite brands for these situations. The materials used are mainly natural - linen and cotton in neutral colours, meaning you have the scope to add some pretty spectacular pieces if you want to “Jush” up an outfit for a special occasion.

IMG_5866.JPG Their latest collection – the brand’s ninth so far, looks to Tarot card symbolism for its inspiration, particularly the ninth card, or, in Tarot lingo ‘the hermit’, symbolising solitude, asceticism and following the inner voice. The collection’s lines are simple and clear, the shapes are devoid of decoration. The loose style expresses the need for autonomy, openness and authenticity.

IMG_5867.JPG Syncretism, meaning “the reconciliation or fusion of differing systems of belief,” and the main axis of the brand's aesthetic signature, is translated into urban wear that borrows from different areas of fashion. In fact all of the pieces aspire to the original biological harmony - avoiding any provocation and drama, calming the individual wearer and allowing for their own particular force to transform.

IMG_5864.JPG Take it one step further and you can swap clothing with your partner for an exclusive and totally different look. Ouch it’s so good it hurts!

Photographer Beata Siewicz

Denim Delights - NEW YORK - Peru Moda

Peru Moda showcased an exciting seated runway show on the 19th of November, to mark the 5th anniversary of a trade agreement between Peru and the United States.

IMG_5826.JPG The event included fabulous collections by designers such as Art Atlas, Emporium by Jorge Luis Salinas, and Sergio Davila – who stunned the audience at NYC Fashion Week this year, with his men’s collections featuring pieces made from alpaca and Pima cotton.

IMG_5859.JPG Jorge Luis Salinas, whose Emporium label is a playground for denim lovers such as myself, had his models strut down the catwalk in textured denim trousers, long flowered shirt-style dresses trimmed with denim and big utilitarian pockets, and mini denim crop-tops. Check out the gorgeous long-waisted fringe coats for the perfect feminine touch.

IMG_5832.JPG Art Atlas (above & below) – a label which only uses natural fibres from Peru such as alpaca and organic cotton – showcased their Anntarah label. Bringing a more classic signature, their delicate knit tops were an ode to femininity and comfort with a vintage twist.

IMG_5829.JPG Sergio Davila (below) needs no introduction. Primarily a menswear label, his designs incorporate Pima cotton and alpaca wool, blended with soft slinky leather. The catwalk displayed a selection of his leather aviator and bomber jackets, as well as fitted leather pants and shorts. Models also wore printed parka jackets and fabulous waistcoats with velvety smooth Pima cotton tees.

IMG_5846.JPG A fabulous evening was had by all, and the event was a true testimony to designers exporting their Peruvian looks worldwide!

IMG_5841.JPG Photographs David Berman at Social Network.


Die freche Maude verbrachte die meiste Zeit bei der London Fashion Week mit dem Herunterschlucken von gutem ME London Hotel  Champagne,  während  David Longshaw  seine Zeit damit verbrachte, die ‚Haute Gamme‘ Einzelstücke im Hotel Lobby fertig auszumalen! Philosophisch gesehen, machte ja jeder das, was er am liebsten macht.


Wenn Euch Maude noch nicht bekannt ist und ihr neugierig darauf seid, ist Maude die Stoffmaus von David Longshaw, den er ursprünglich hergestellt hat, als er bei Central St Martins studierte. Sie ist wunderbar feminin, spielerisch und dennoch Chic, aber auf alle Fälle Maus!

Ich bin mir nicht sicher, was bei David als erstes erscheint: Illustration oder Design. Aber ich weiss, dass die Kombination ein Knaller ist! Wenn man seine Designs trägt, fällt man auf jeden Fall auf – das liebe ich!


Die SS15 Kollektion entsteht aus weiss, pink und blaue Farben, die wiederum den Hintergrund für Davids wunderschöne Illustrationen sind. Einfache Shift Kleider sind mit Stoffen und Erzählungen voluminös und spielerisch.


Der multitalentierter Longshaw wird ein besonderes Buch an Weihnachten herausgeben: “MAUDEMAS – A Christmas Maude Tale” (etwa wie: Eine Weihnachtserzählung über Maude) – hier erzählt Maude von ihren Probleme und Sorgen und wie es war, als sie ‚gritty glamour‘ zur Dezember Ausgabe vom MAUDEZINE hinzugefügt hat. Es wird Davids vierte ‚Modische Kindergeschichte für Erwachsene‘ sein und das dritte Buch in der Maude&Doris Serie. Alle Bücher, inklusive ‚Mildred‘, ‚Maude‘ und ‚Eleanor und das Eichhörnchen‘ sind als Buch oder als Kindlebuch bei Amazon (weltweit) und einigen Einzelhändler erhältlich.


David Longshaw nimmt als Kostümdesigner für den The Interior Designers Pantomime am Bloomsbury Theatre vom 28.10 bis Samstag den 1.11.2014 teil.


Cheeky Maude spent most of her London Fashion Week slugging back glasses of decent ME London Hotel 'shampers,' while target="_blank">David Longshaw spent his time finishing the colouring on his 'Haute Gamme' one-off pieces in the hotel lobby! Looking at it philosophically, each one was doing what they love best.


If you haven't come across Maude and you are intrigued, Maude is the fabric fashion mouse made by David Longshaw originally whilst he was at Central St Martins. She's beautifully feminine, playful yet chic, but most definitely all MOUSE!

I am not sure what comes first with David, illustration or design, but I do know that the combination is explosive! When you wear one of his pieces, you're definitely singled out, which I LOVE!


SS15 is all white, pinks and blues that create the backdrop for David's beautiful illustration. Simple shift dresses are given volume and playfulness with fabric and storytelling.


The multi-talented Longshaw will also be releasing a special book for Christmas: “MAUDEMAS - A Christmas Maude Tale,” where dappy Maude recounts the trials and tribulations of how she went about adding some ‘gritty glamour’ to MAUDEZINE’s December issue. This will be his 4th ‘fashionable children’s tale for grown-ups’ and the 3rd book in the Maude & Doris series. All the books including ‘Mildred,' ‘Maude’ and ‘Eleanor and the Squirrel’ are available in print and on Kindle from Amazon (worldwide) and in selected stores.


David Longshaw is a participating costume designer for." The Interior Designers Pantomime' at the The Bloomsbury Theatre from the 28th of October 2014 to Saturday the 1st of November 2014.

LFW - Ada Zanditon Couture Salon

I fell in love with Ada Zanditon's work... Through her 'March of the Tigress' collection... A New Years party in Central America is where I showed off her gold pants and top to a totally in awe crowd - the piece certainly made me feel both powerful and feline... Then came collections 'The Tigress Reigns'. & Aqulibrium.. Both inspired by her travels and her necessity to highlight the plight of endangered species!


This beautiful regal Diego Velasquez portrait of delicate hair adornments on a tight immaculately braided princesses's hair brings to my mind Ada's intricate work with laser cut leather over tulle.


Barroque warrior goddess is Ada Zanditon Couture Salon Show - it beautifully showcases the whole essence of her work. Her ability to absorb experiences from international cultures and arts transporting them through innovative design processes on to THE WOMAN!


Of course Ada's WOMAN is an individual, confident in the knowledge of her abilities but still through her emotion soft & with a kink - of wild! Silk tulle is harnessed by hand manipulated lazer cut leather bodices..YING & YANG? Black,silver,pale pinks, dusky pearlescent, flesh tone. encrusted with crystal components from Preciosa add to the shrine of a goddess awaiting the worshipp of thousands!


Ada Zanditon is worn by celebrities such as lily cole , Rita Ora,Katie melua, Karin park, Shingai shoniwa, Ana Matronic , Bishi, Jameela Jamil & ME!


Ada Zanditon is a participating costume designer for.” The Interior Designers Pantomime’ at the The Bloomsbury Theatre from the 28th of October 2014 to Saturday the 1st of November 2014.


Eleni Kyriacou's architectural background always filters through into her collections. Her work starts from a concept and for SS 2015, her inspiration comes from the work of the constructivist sculptor, Naum Gabo. Naum Gabo’s most famous work is that of a sculpted female bust - sculpted through space, defined through planes.


IMG_4024.JPG Where Naum Gabo defines space through a skin of strings, planes (curved and flat) and ‘halo’ lines, Eleni defines her space by the use of tassels and ropes. She also collages with the female form.


The colour palette of black, red, gold, stone and camel drawn from Gabo's painting and sculpture is cleverly contrasted in a collection that is both majestic and elegantly sexual. The kinetic feature of the moving female body under the constructed garment - the skin perceived through her trimmings - creates a multidimensional effect!


This is one of Eleni Kyriacou's most exciting collections to date. Eleni Kyriacou is a participating costume designer for The Interior Designers' Pantomime at the The Bloomsbury Theatre from the 28 October 2014 - Saturday, 1 November 2014.



Of course I had to stop. I love bags and I love pugs and they were all staring at me! Since Alexandra Boyd, director of the film The Wilderness, designer and just plain fabulous, introduced me to her gorgeous pug in LA virtually, I have since been smitten! A pug is something I personally WILL own later on, when my travelling subsides a bit. Will it ever though? I AM A WONDERING SOUL.


In the meantime, Du Yang's bags will suffice. In fact her whole collection is a darling one. If you want colour and joie de vivre, this is it! Chinese-born Du Yang launched the YANG DU brand in 2009 after completing a BA and a MA in Fashion Design at...yes, it's Central Saint Martins again. And of course she was snapped up to work alongside John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood and Giles Deacon - up there with all the greats! She's got a gorgeous collection of sweats, silk tunics, kaftans and leather accessories like these cute backpacks, which are ingeniously handmade in the UK! Can't you feel the luuuuurve!


She's also been picked up by all the people in-the-know, such as Browns, Soo Lee Shanghai and for an exclusive collaboration with Joyce in Hong Kong.

Her celebrity clientele including Daisy Lowe, Paloma Faith, Alexa Chung and Sammi Cheng love her, and NOW ME! Can you ignore the VIBE? Certainly not.



When fashion takes inspiration from art, it creates a combination that takes on a different dimension. In this instance Hellenic designer Angelos Bratis's pure and abstract mathematical approach is in synergy with Greek artist Yannis Moralis's paintings of the late 50s and 70s. IMG_3923.JPG


I love the way the materials: crêpe de Chine, semi-stretch cady and silk twill wrap around the body as if it were freed from all restraint or restriction whilst continuing to maintain an absolute control.


The basis of the collection - dresses and kaftans - is designed to work on every female body shape. The bias cut, the play of the diagonal says Angelos, "Is the unceasing foundation and the real passionate cypher for my design journey and I find fresh possibilities, which are explored and declined in this collection.”


A palette of gold, pink, sunshine yellow, white and various tones of blue and night black creates a frame from which Bratis works his mastery of cut.


It's left to Maria Mastori jewels - goddess-like sculptural pieces in wood, gold leaf and brass to add the ancestral and linear tone that this collection so yearns for.



From labels such as Nine in the Morning (above) and its reversible jeans to Poshead's quirky pochettes with a spectacle theme, the White Show is a playground for discovering new brands! It's always a joy to attend.


Seea by Italian surf fan Amanda Seea is a swimwear brand with femininity as a reference point. She manufactures in whichever country she is stocked in, but always using Italian fabrics, and the whole collection has 50+ UV protection.

Now based in California, Amanda's mantra is to design flattering and feminine swimwear for surfing, and the added bonus is that her printed fabrics are retro and fun.


Shit Happens has a beautiful story. It is made by a porcelain design team, who each year with humour, translates the crap they've been through creatively. All of their rings are made with porcelain due to it being a beautiful and noble material, strong enough yet with weak spots - mirroring a person's life.


STINE GOYA is another successful ex-Central St Martins student, this time from Denmark. The whole collection is inspired by light, either falling through windows or the reaction with flower installations. Further inspiration comes from German contemporary artist Camilla Richter's kaleidoscopic work. The hued panels create a coloured sequence when light plays with them, resulting in a collection that's not only playful and artistic but decidedly feminine too.


EFLUVI means the sound of the wind running through the grass (Korean). The collection is almost all about magnifying glasses - a stylish way to read without the need for glasses, designed for special loved ones - they have a mother and daughter line, which includes a magnifying glass for the mother and ring for the daughter. And there is another collection, specifically for men with a handkerchief, in Korean Hambok material, attached at one end.


IMG_3865.JPG All photographs Giulia Rosatelli


The Italians love their animal prints, and definitely not just for looking glamorous in the evenings. At the Ermanno Scervino show, it was Python all the way! IMG_3849.JPG

It was a fabulous colourscape of off-white, white, denim, black, turquoise and delicious grass green with over-jackets revealing sinuous silhouettes. Soft lines and high waists were evident and I nearly screamed at the top of my lungs, "FEMININE, thank god!"


The femininity is not just for me and to my liking. I have been enjoying the masculine vibe emanating from the SS15 catwalks. Boyish kind of works with my shape, but all my lovely clients that are lucky to have those ever so feminine curves have been a little sidelined...


...But not at Ermanno Scervino, where even the boyish parka was given a feminine facelift with its varied lengths and materials. The fabrics included gorgeous tulle, lace with floral prints and a laser-cut embroidery effect. Processes also included a Linen canvas panama structure, mélange raffia, chenille macramé, engraved, coupled and printed-on chiffon and crepe and patchwork knitwear. Gosh, next time I need to get a backstage pass just to admire the techniques up close.


All photographs except header by Giulia Rosatelli


Design comes in many guises. When you mix the disciplines and bring the senses together, you can create something truly wondrous. Alessia_Xoccato collections always start with material research and her inspiration this season is the German 19th Century abstraction of Paul Klee. The collection is very geometric and playful with hand-coloured plastic.


The collection is mostly made of cottons in varied thicknesses, and soft poplin shirts with embossed effects of transparent organza are a big part of the collection. In fact, shirting is well developed throughout, cropped and converted in t-shirts and dresses.


Solid colour blocks punctuate the strength and the brightness of the collection with ultramarine blue, teal, pool green and citron, then softening into a sky blue through to a nude colour. Black defines some of the pastel pieces, combined with light variations of white, milk and ice tones.

It's a very refreshing choice of colours. My particular favourite was the pool ball green!


The presentation also included Milan-based Serbian designer, Uros Mihic's Oribook installation.


Photographs by Giulia Rosatelli


SHOES? Yes, but where did this delicious collection of to-die-for leather trenches pop up from? I REALLY HAD NO IDEA, and what about the 3/4 length petal-style leather skirts and jackets? A complete revelation!

Of course the shoes are there, like the classic ballet pump with a buckle that has been given a new twist: The Gentleman's Corner - a notch on the inside side of the heel, originally conceived in the 1930s to stop men from getting their heels caught on the turn-ups of their trousers. Their clutches are similarly notched, creating a rather pleasing aesthetic.


Harking back to their heritage, Bally's crest is found on their fabrics and a zigzag, mimicking the Austrian mountains, is embossed on the leather trims on the handbags.


But it's the clothing that really surprised me - a collection of classic everyday pieces with a more relaxed, less structured edge. My FAVOURITE has to be the yellow striped dress. Is it an ode to Sally Singer?



A boundless desire for freedom? That sums it up for me. Pinko Uniqueness SS15 wasa presentation that oozed cool and chic clothes inspired by the bohemian greats Anita Pallenberg and Talitha Getty, but rooted firmly in the more contemporary such as the gorgeous Tatiana Santo Domingo and Dana Alikhani.


Long balloon skirts, soft and slender dresses, unbuttoned men shirts, cardigans and light cashmere sweaters in blue, cocoa, white, red and denim managed to keep their femininity. There were few accessories and the shoes were most definitely flat - an exclusive collaboration with Superga.


Elegant, global trendsetter!

Photographer Giulia Rosatelli