KIT NEALE AW14, South London

A pile of white rubble in the centre of the room is used in an installation for an allegorical reference to the huge roundabout at Elephant and Castle, and Kit Neale's inspiration for AW14. 20140113-204815.jpg

Utilising the symbol of an elephant with a castle on its back, Kit Neale continues exploring his South London turf with graphics in his brand's brightest colours.


But, it's the REPETATIVE RAT motifs that get me! I guess they're as popular an inhabitant of South London as any, but I HATE THEM. And although his styling has little mice brooches running up and down the models, my eyes revert to the dreaded rodent on print.


His woven jacquard is glorious, with screen-printed fabrics being new this season. I do really like the tied apron, which with its urban warrior feel, certainly could be a gentle introduction to the popular male skirt.


His collaboration with Mi-Pac on accessories, rucksacks, holdalls, duffle bags and tablet cases means that even on a tight budget, both guys and gals can access Kit Neale's colourfully joyous world.

Funnily enough though, those RAT GRAPHICS - small, thin and hunched are becoming moreish. Oh no! I guess it's 'cause I am just a South London girl too. RATS!