A Bright day in Berlin

Imagine the scenario: a mini version of Parisian department store Le Bon Marché, but with no fittings and everything ripped out, and yes this was the backdrop for the street and skater trade show, Bright. 20140118-014825.jpg

I've been to a couple of trade shows whilst in Berlin and never had an issue with press entrance. Here, I had to enlist the help of designer and my official Berlin photographer/hipster Wilfried Pletzinger, to gain entry. I guess I forgot to wear my cap... Actually, I could easily wear a couple of Kangool AW2014 woolen and pork pie hats. Even their kitschy ongoing collaboration with Disney could work.


But, it's to Black Kaviar that I sold my soul! Ok so first up, the name was what made me stop. In fact the brand is the newborn babe of the clever design team behind the label Two Angle. Started in 1999, Two Angle was the vision of a New York designer and a French stylist in Paris. It's a mix of French and American culture with two different points of view and Black Kaviar is one step up from their design vision. Taking almost every trend thread on the horizon at the moment, the guys have cleverly incorporated them in a line with an almost totally black canvas.


Zooming into the basics, their quality is good with innovative finishes (plasticised knit) and even better considering their price point is starting around the €100 mark.

Eager to find out where their retail outlets are, I turned to their German sales agent...

Where can I buy this? Where are you based? Everywhere! Are they online? Not at the moment. It's very new. But you are welcome to our showroom. Can anyone buy in your showroom? No, just shops.

...I don't give up, especially where cloths are concerned, so I did insist a bit. Finally I did get an answer and surprisingly quite simple: 'Check on Google'. Well, I have and Black Kaviar does have a site, but at the moment it's under construction, and they do a women's collection too. It looks like there is a little bit of hype around the label. I'M DEFINITELY STORING IT IN MY 'TO WATCH' LABELS.

Photograph of model Mel-riot (Facebook.com/Mel.riot) by Wilfried Pletzinger. Image below: KREAMXXXX bags