Man with a beard - Ms Castro meets Christian, owner of CULITO from Spain

Cool dude Christian Mastropierro is the man behind the CULITO from Spain label. He's flying the Îles Canaries flag at French trade show Who's Next and proud of it. The stand is awash with colour. I am dazed... "This is what we export from the Canaries: colour!" Of course he's right. The sun nearly never leaves our skies.


The story is very simple and successful. He has over 200 outlets that sell his clothing line with a retail price of under 100 euros! The styles are simple but flattering for all body shapes and his main client is aged between 35 and 50 years; women who want to be fashionable and not pay the earth. Although the clothing is manufactured outside of the Canaries, all the trimmings are hand sewn. The design and vision is 100% homegrown.

Enamoured by storytelling and images, Christian works with artists from all over the world. As a photographer, he is able to capture the essence of the story and transport it digitally over print. Then the magic starts. His knowledge of a woman's body and the way she thinks is where he uses his design expertise.


"When a woman goes into a shop and chooses one of our dresses, subconsciously she has chosen a story that has an affinity with her. She is showing some of her inside on the outside."

Deciding on trying out his theory, I go through his pieces and choose a dress with the obvious storyline of Red Riding Hood. What does it mean...? Who is the bad wolf lurking in the shadows? And where is the prince who is coming to save me?

A little perturbed, I leave...Ah, and then it clicks. It's all about shopping and then I can guess who the wolf is!