Salon Internacional de La lingerie - On the hunt for a Peignoir - Part 1

I have various clients that are always asking me to source and lingerie is one of my favourite stomping grounds. Paris's Salon Internacional de La Lingerie, which is on now is a delicious first port of call. 20140128-135622.jpg

For those confused the definition of a peignoir: peignoir (n.) 1. a robe worn before dressing or while lounging 2. a loose dressing gown for women


Although a rather yesteryear item, it's actually been brought up to date with the arrival of social media - doing all that important updating on your pages before breakfast, even before  your toilette at your home/office begs for the use of some loose, gorgeous but still beautiful clothing...You could get in fact caught out! I know one such woman that reaches for her computer even before her hot water and lemon, rushing to get prepared before the arrival of her secretary! She has begged me to source...

Although I did get incredibly sidetracked, these were on my special list:


The SEE-through set: KMD - Kiss Me Deadly in black too.


Lucile Lingerie - Georgette gown.


Beautiful Bottoms - possibly more for SUN and SWIM + bikini mornings. Though waking up to those colours is stupendous!


Andres Sarda, who was given the Lingerie Designer of the Year award. He has been designing swimwear since 1962!