Galactic Princess - Katya Leonovich at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, New York

Katya Leonovich is Russian. I guess you can tell from the sheer drama of the pieces in her Fall 2014 collection. METALLIC, METALLIC! METALLIC! Not so much as armour-type pieces, but of a more ethereal quality; space agey perhaps, but also like a delicate dragon fly wing. 20140213-160347.jpg

Iridescent is very much her theme, although her gorgeous pewter jacket with those very high up the thigh 'puss in the boots' definitely turned a head or two. In fact, the accessories such as shoes by Tania Spinelli and John Ashford, jewellery by Nicole Romano, Victoria Heyman and Lex Perry and hats by Anthony Maxwell, were all chosen to compliment each individual piece!


Seeming very much like a collection firmly reserved for cocktails and parties, her translucent gunmetal evening top and splendid black mesh trousers are a definite cruise collection MUST, which in New York's freezing clime has certainly got to be a serious winter consideration.