Little Shilpa's 'Vespertine' brings forth eight fashion styles

I am a serious fan of Little Shilpa. It's always with intense pleasure that I attend her presentations. Her wearable headpieces, accessories and jewellery draw inspiration from her travels and interaction between different cultures and her observations and influences. 20140217-225157.jpg

Of course like everyone else though, I want to wear one of her thoughts, one of her stories and sometimes it's impossible because I can't always wear headpieces or the jewellery doesn't fit in my limited space travel bag.

But now that is all set to change. This season she has launched eight different style sweatshirts both long and short and totally androgynous, and divinely unisex.


Picture a black and white soundless movie from the 20's, then mix it up with bats and fangs, shake it about a bit with silhouettes of puppet or marionette theatre and you just might get the feel of Shilpa's AW14 Vesper Bloom collection.


The all black sweatshirts are detailed, some with wool neckties, safari suit pockets, or jackets lapels. Her signature of contrasting textures and fabrics can also be found here with silk, lace and tulle, playing second fiddle to origami wings created from ribbons and shredded batwings in jersey fabrics (as seen above).


'what does night mean to you, and what does it suggest? A life of another kind, or a period where your life is put on hold ?' - says the press release. To me I probably just want that sweatshirt (above). It's too amazing.

Photographs by Fred Yardley