Caslazur - One to Watch

Cassie Snelgur is the name behind the Caslazur label. South African-born, she has lived in Australia forever and I guess that's why her line is that sort of easy-to-wear, chuck-in-your-weekend-bag sort of brand. It's an absolute must for ladies on the go. That's ME!


Although it's her first presentation, it is her second season. Last year the collection was based around voodoo skulls. This year it's really much more feminine, maybe because of Harriet Stuart from Elle, who has been working with her to try and develop the brand.


For me, the two coolest pieces are the long chiffon grey dress with a 1950s tailoring vibe and the wine coloured leather biker-style jacket. In fact her cute mini Rococo-inspired messenger style bags are fun and practical plane carry-ons for a phone, make-up, cards and the iPad mini. And the ever-practical Cassie, thinking of the more graciously endowed woman, has constructed a 50s-style bustier and shorts to be worn underneath that beautiful grey dress.


In fact, there was still to be seen on a model, a fabulous leather gunmetal metallic skirt and another green-grey leaf print, which was due out later. Unfortunately the delicious sides at the Mishkins restaurant, where the presentation was taking place, was having a rather sophomoric effect on Fred, my photographer, and I nearly lost him to foodie heaven in-between the mini hamburger and chips and a sort of beetroot frittata.

Pricing is mid-range with the bomber jacket starting at about £250. She is presently stocked in Matches.