Una Vida Bien Vivida by Jasper Garvida, FW14, London Fashion Week

A red light and a piece by flamenco artist 'La Morenita' was the prelude to Garvida's Bizet's Carmen-inspired collection. In fact, just a glimpse of the intense red and the cut snugly fitted across bust and hips meant the whole collection talked flamenco!


Blocks of red, black, white and blue were interspersed with the two prints for the collection. My FAVOURITE all blue hue, was reminiscent of the traditional tile found in courtyards of southern Spain. It appeared not only on the dresses but also on both trousers and shirts for men. The tile motif was carried further also being monogrammed onto sweaters and sweats.


Then of course there were the textures: lace and silk, cotton, tweed and boucle. High-waisted trousers and skirts kicked out at the thigh - very sexy, very powerful, very CARMEN!


I also discovered and  really loved the  bespoke jewellery by Algis Albromaitis of Jolita Jewellery


Photographs by Fred Yardley