Eleni Kyriacou - The Sacred Lotus at Zip Zone, Paris

'Fashion is art and as an art form, it should always have something to say.'  This is Eleni Kyriacou's believe and I wholeheartedly agree, so it's always with great pleasure that I see her collections in Paris.

With a tight 20-piece collection, I believe this AW2014/15 collection is her best so far. The narrative is tremendous. Her pieces are interchangeable and can be worn for many different looks. She graciously gave me an evening to go through the collection and ask some questions.


Eleni, I have always been intrigued by how you work the story behind the collection. Is there one part that comes first?

The colour palette always comes from the concept. I am inspired by a theme and material and then work with both at the same time. Then with the idea and mood, I translate it into fashion.


Where do you manufacture the collection?

I spend my time between London and Greece. I have studios in both, but I manufacture in Greece.

When you design your collection, have you a woman in mind that you dress - a muse?

Yes I do. Tori Amos. I have been a huge fan of her music. The piano touches me. I also love her lyrics and through them I have been inspired. I find her experimental in music and that fits with my whole ethos.


I see that this year you have included shoes in your collection. Are you planning to go into accessories? If so, when?

Well yes, I am thinking of adding a bag to the Spring/Summer collection.

Whoopi, a bag! Now this has serious potential. Eleni is perhaps the most seriously involved designer in the creative process that I have met to date. She really does look at every angle of the product. This certainly has true travel potential. I just need to check if Tori Amos travels as much as me!