Givenchy or Busardi? An Oscars-style dress-off

Looking like Julia Roberts is now an option. Thank you, Busardi. Julia Roberts wore a stunning black lace Givenchy Couture dress to the 2014 Oscars, but I think Busardi’s version is that much more stunning. The intricately detailed French lace and silk organza are exquisite and I love the sheer skirt. It gives a youthful and more contemporary feel to the look. Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 09.26.09

I met Busardi Muntarbhorn and her son Tuck Muntarbhorn over London Fashion Week, where the duo presented their AW2014/15 collection, 'Thorns'. Being walked through the collection exclusively by the Muntarbhorn’s was quite an honour. For one thing the designs, fabrics and construction of each and every dress or gown is superb and for another thing, they dress quite a lot of royals throughout Asia (they are headquartered in Bangkok). And they gifted me the most gorgeous necklace. They made me feel a bit royal myself!

The prêt-à-couture label pays homage to a 65-year old family heritage rooted in couture practices reminiscent of the Parisian fashion houses. Busardi’s signature is stamped out in its expert use of floral lace, fine appliqué and intricate embroidery.

What do you think of the Givenchy dress versus the Busardi dress? Which one would you rather wear on the red carpet?