Garbo Girl? For SURE!

The day after my arrival in Panama I was already hitting Garbo by Greta, the boutique that also houses the designer, Greta Bayo's atelier. As far as I am concerned IT'S A MUST for anyone on a visit to Panama. The label is the one I like to wear on a daily basis because it's easy, but has something that sets you out from the crowd...IT'S ME, TOTALLY. 20140321-175450.jpg

I have been coveting the white jacket from Diabolika, Greta's last collection.  Seeing and trying it on in the shop was seriously a temptation that was resolved rapidly. But being one of her 'Garbo Girls' (yes, I have the t-shirt to prove it), I got given an extra treat, a preview of her new Pink Flamingos collection, which is seriously adorable.


The prints are very Art Deco and inspired by the Miami Beach scene: big flowers, stripes and of course, pink flamingos. And there are some lovely salmon and white coloured boucle dresses reminiscent of West Side Story - so terribly sexy and feminine, but also with her label's signature: wearability.


Actually, I am allowed a pre-show try-on and desperately fall in love with the white short version below. Hang on. It's white, it's short and I am not exactly busty...but love defies all reason as we know and my irrational excuse is when I did get married, it was in purple, so it's about time I had a WHITE dress. Yes, I know, 'ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED LUPE?' Um, no. Yep, as I said, totally irrational.