Black - Body Con - Beautiful Shoulders - APU JAN - Beautiful Knits

I saw this picture of a gorgeous Chinese model (not wearing APU JAN) and it all flashed back to APU JAN's fabulous knits at London Fashion Week. Following the contours so snugly across the shoulders and arms, it's just heavenly and I am not quite sure how it's done! 20140401-200125.jpg

Well I do sort of know how it's done because he combines innovative technologies of today with traditional Taiwanese knitting techniques. The range of skills and craftsmanship involved span generations and the outcome is this: Mesmerising. I am not sure why I thought knitwear was the domain of grannies. I love it. There are fantastic colour combinations such as Alice Palmer's, which are mind-bogglingly surreal, but there it is, knitwear is all over the world and it's incredibly sophisticated, taken to a new level by those who push it further. LUCKY US (the knitwear lovers)!


With an AW14 that is practically all black, APU JAN references the slim silhouette of the qipao and the loose shaping of the kimono. Again in this collection he has collaborated with text print and Timney innovation prizewinner 2012, ex-CSM and RCA graduate Ying Wu, who interprets his thread of thought via print perfectly.


For this collection there are waves of a vast flowing ocean where our personal engagement of mass media becomes a turbulence of which the disturbance and fluctuations or repressed emotions create heartache and anxiety that effect us greatly, but it dissipates to a speckle in the hugeness of its web.

Flipping true of the moment where the WiFi is on the blink where I am staying, but in the hugeness of my time in Sydney, what does it really mean...?