Aurelio Costarella's Sølaire collection - Manray inspiration at MBFWA

Delicate and vibrant was the collection that came down the catwalk at MBFWA for the Manray-inspired Spring 14/15 collection Sølaire by Aurelio Costarella. 20140408-222935.jpg

With such a beautiful title to his collection: Sølaire, with one meaning being: You sense and feel much that you do not understand, and sometimes you are alarmed at your thoughts and wonder about their origin...

Manray and all of his muses are of course the perfect inspiration - Kiki de Montparnasse, Tamara de Lempika, Nancy Cunard, Lee Miller and Juliette - all very strong women with a tenderness and delicacy that they just refused to compromise. Maybe they were just before their time. Certainly their world was changing...and it still is for women. In this similar, but with an up-to-date twist, Aurellio Costarella has based his SS14/15 collection.


The collection reminisces on the silver screen sirens, the follies, the flappers - with beaded epaulets, plumes, his use of silk, the feminine colours the multi-textures and of course the mountains of Swarovski - even contouring the face. To say I love the collection is an understatement.

Its palette range goes from soft and innocent creams to pinks onto the flippant lime, and irreverent orange/pink/reds, ending with black - dark sexy and structured. Is it a harder woman in control of her own destiny? Perhaps?


The finale pieces (above first) were skin-toned mesh sprinkled with Swarovski and plumes reminiscent of the intricate worked pieces of the follies. Beautiful! Another MBFW winner.