LAN YU and her amazing bridal gowns at MBFWA

If you have been brought up on fairy tales, princesses and princes like me, you will appreciate the fact that LAN YU studied under one of the most renowned psychologists in China to be able to achieve full understanding of her customer.

For her presentation at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, she has created 12 couture pieces representing the 12 star signs - because each one of us has a different vision and understanding of love. Add to this, Chinese embroidery techniques with Western structural design and fabrics, using materials sourced from the world's finest suppliers. Lan combines her expertise in ‘Su Xiu’ (a form of traditional Chinese embroidery handed down through three generations of her family) with her formal studies in Western couture design. Check the preview of some of the marvels I saw:


Taurus - Tolerant and optimistic in character. A calming, simple sleeve and collar design reflects Taurus's trait of sincerity, whilst decorations of lace, crystal and a flowing tail point to their inner tenderness.


Gemini - A double personality, they have their own world and care little of how others see them. Gemini's wedding may not be the best, but it's certainly the most special. The dress uses strong raw silk to form a structured design. The silk satin is pressed into a high density of fine folds, stacked at the waist to resemble natural coral, finally flowing out to resemble a beautiful flower.


Scorpio - Born with a sexy charm, delicate feelings and an intricate knowledge of oneself. The straight minimalist skirt polishes her straight character, whilst the hollow hierarchical structure of the waist outlines her sexy lines. The hidden crystal tassel adds a further level of mystery to the dress.

Although LAN YU is based in China she does travel back and forth from Australia. Her dresses are stunning as is her workmanship, so I am hoping she will be coming to Europe and Central America soon.

I have more images of the rest of the 12 signs, so email me if you're interested.

All photographs by Olivia Bentley