Target Bull - Phoenix Keating - MBFWA

I'm not sure where to start - the shapes definitely echoed a bit of Gaga's 2013 tour, but the graphics and colours were DEFINTELY the theatre of the bullring - happily without the whole gruesome act. Keatings ‘LA DIOSA DE ORO', collection was a balanced and calculated mix of the avant-garde and the ultra-wearable. 20140415-211814.jpg

I suppose like Keating I have always bean attracted by the costume of the bullring, but have abhorred the players. I adore the colours - toreador pinks, reds, blacks and gold, the silks, the immensely fitted clothing, and then the flamenco dress of their adoring ladies with the skirts skimming the female form and that kick out with a frivolous frill, balancing the shoulders.


All this and more was on show at Phoenix Keating, such as the very sensuous low cuts in the back and the lengths of his skirts - very sexy and very feminine.


I loved the graphics and I hope there will be a whole range of target bull tees and sweats to follow. I loved the gold on the split shorts and the trouser hems and of course the enormous hooped earrings, although I maybe was not so keen on the styling of the gold nose pieces, which immediately brought to mind my mother whose family used to rear, and who, when these adornments first came out, never understood why women would want to be likened to a cow or bull.


I feel Phoenix Keating's love for the female form. I rejoice in the fact that no piece in his collection would show it in an unloving light. Therein lies Phoenix Keating's mastery. Of course there is always a FAVOURITE piece and I am hard pushed with the check series, but I guess I would settle on the coat in merino wool with the raised shoulder collar that gives a stylised height. Or I like the very long black silk piece that closed his show. PURE DRAMA!

20140415-214040.jpg Also a big congratulations to Phoenix Keating who was officially nominated for the prestigious ‘Woolmark Prize’, an honour to which the designer simply said, “It has been a life long dream to be nominated for this prize and I am so flattered and honored to have been selected”

20140415-214445.jpg Images Olivia Bentley except shots with multiple models