Nymphi - Bridal accessories that cover, beautifully

So you have seen the images, the models and the designers and NOW it's time to decide, and all of a sudden you realise I am NOT the model, not even in my wildest dreams can I be like the image, but I HAVE TO LOOK MY ULTIMATE sexy, beautiful best! It's the wedding dress scenario and there are always bits of you that you don't favour: arms, bosom, hands, legs...IT'S STRESS. STRESS. STRESS.


That's why I think Nymphi by Barbara Dimitrea - showing at the White Gallery last month, is really clever. Veils, floral headpieces, sashes, cuffs, collars and shoulder pieces, Nymphi’s accessories collection is beautiful and allows for covering so much.

Nymphi pieces are crafted by hand with only the highest quality tulles utilising French and Austrian lace, crystals and stones. Every piece is made with you, the bride, in mind. BRILLIANT.


Barbara has various stories: Vintage, Bohemian, Art Deco, and Classic Romantic, so you can really pick your look. A Greek label, it has stockists in the UK, US, Austria and Germany.


Speaking to Barbara about her clients she says that her shoulder pieces have been very popular especially for women who are not massive fans of their arms (has she been mind reading me? OH NO!). Her pieces allow brides to buy a strapless dress and add on a Nymphi shoulder piece to cover the bits they don't like!