Paul Nathaphol - MBFWA - Australia

How could I possibly not mention Paul Nathaphol's suit jackets and tops with those fastening belts accentuating the waist? They were gorgeous!They certainly created a stir in the photographers pit where I was busy trying to fight for space for my very petite photographer.


The collection named 'Existence Precedes Essence' was inspired by the 1950s existentialism movement and French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre’s work, “Being and Nothingless”. I really did read Sartre but I think got stuck somewhere halfway where the concepts and reality blurred. So forgetting my philosophical skills I really just feasted my eyes on Paul's signature sharp tailoring and draping skills.


Of course part of the allure has to be the materials - fine cotton, luxurious silks and the in-house prints. A Fashion Design Alumnus of Raffles Singapore, he is planning his first boutique in his homeland of Thailand this year. His collection includes womenswear and swimwear and underwear for men.