Springtime is Mark Fast time

It's definitely spring. Whether it's raining or summer rays are shining, the light is different and knitwear is just ideal. Mark Fast has got to be one of the greats. His Summer Sun collection left me speechless - very body-con and a bit hip chick on acid. 20140506-213111.jpg

His AW14 collection was something else of course. He always does colours running from glorious blues and finishing with one of those fantastic Courrèges sunset oranges. But this time there was definitely something very new in the air: VOLUME. That's not to say there were also some very slinky pieces as above, but all in all it was bigger with a rather vintage couture whisper lingering about.


Even the fabrics were a complete turnaround. I have never seen so many different knits and weaves from the ginormous scarves to the belts on the coats. In fact there was a distinct sporty feel in the sweats, the racing tops and the different layers, all insanely wearable!


There were so many pieces that I adored, in the end I gave up writing them down. Mark Fast, when asked who his ideal client is said, “Strong and enthusiastic with great legs.” Well I can kind of blur off the last bit, but the first, my gosh, that's me! With this collection in my wardrobe I would walk the world over!


All photographs Fred Yardley