Australian swimwear brand Suboo wowed me with its strapless long dress that was digitally printed with a metallic weave running through it. It literally shined on the catwalk, so imagine how divine it has to be in the sun!


Designer Sue Di Chio launched Suboo as an umbrella brand in 2007. Hailed as the must-have fashion accessory, Suboo has gained a fashion following of fans and the success of her concept has paved the way for the brand’s expansion to over 300 stockists worldwide, from resort wear to swimwear and ready-to-wear. The Suboo show showcased a little bit of all three collections


Although a very relaxed beachy Australian brand known for prints, the inspiration behind Sue's collection this year was Palm Springs, California, so of course no beach, just lots of desert and pools - a lot of elegance and posing, which certainly came through.


Meeting Sue to congratulate heron her wondrous collection, you couldn't help but notice how beautifully pregnant she was. Crumbs, eight months along and on the trot. She was radiating happiness and wellbeing. Wow.

Now I can remember not looking that good...


Photographs Olivia Bentley