Ok, so you might not want the Keira Knightley waist - possibly too extreme (below), and personally being pretty straight up and down myself, my ultimate female image would be Marylin Monroe or the adorable Jessica Rabbit. I know I can't really redo myself in their form so....

...So I need to go down the optical illusion route, which I adore!


Joseph Ribkoff does a pile that can actually volumise the bust and bum! Yeah, of course that's me. But his dresses also work really well to reduce the hips and with a little help from ITEM m6 shape wear, your transformation could be the easiest thing since magic!

20140514-182213.jpg The great thing about ITEM m6 shape wear shorty pants, apart from the push-up zones and the bits that flatten your tummy, is that they're terribly comfortable and you can wear them like a second skin and the best part is they come in nude - ideal for wearing under white trousers and that monochrome dress!