Carmen Gonzales of Gonzales Underwear's Anita B pre-Mode City Paris collection has got to be her best to date. I wanted every little piece in that show. Her signature incredible detailing and materials that are hand picked for the seductive feel on the body were evident everywhere. 20140628-113449-41689555.jpg

Above is the new soft cup lace bra. It is a difficult piece, but with a clever two-string support, the cup is not only wearable but seductive with that eensy bit of fetish romance so prevalent in Berlin cabaret - which is the inspiration behind the collection.


Another new departure is her outerwear. Last year she started with slips, which were worn as skirts most spectacularly by Nadia Persa to almost everywhere! This collection included Sirene-style golden cami tops and short dresses for anybody with those covetable Long legs.


Then there is this beautiful lattice cage suspender piece with six fastenings for wearability, since the ones with four always leave me with that awful feeling that my stockings are going to waddle down to my ankles! Of course this is totally untrue, but the mind is a wondrously mad thing!


If I had to choose just one piece to take away? It's difficult, but I think settling for this pair of silver bikini pants with blood red fringing would do me for a bit. They're that glorious mix of sexy and feminine with just a wee taste of darkness and cabaret!

All photos by Vladimir Yakutin