I BOMBED into SCOOP on an amazing summer day and Melissa Curry’s jewellery seemed to mirror my mood immediately. Bubblecious!
 She has an incredible varied collection with a variety of different styles which reflect her love of narrative, texture and colour – a prominent feature of Melissa’s design work.

Optimistic. Exciting. Vibrant.


But it’s her ‘Success’ range that really got to me. Having just stayed in Kensington with the most inspiring woman I have met to date, I wanted to gift a little something that would really be meaningful but without being too crass. The ‘Success’ collection comes in two styles: a necklace and bracelet either in sterling silver or pink vermeil gold and engraved amulets with the word ‘SUCCESS’ engraved across them. They are meant as a reminder to always be our own best self at whatever one is doing or trying to achieve. It’s the perfect gift of encouragement to that special friend you admire. The pieces are all made in Melissa’s studio in Ireland and make the perfect gift from one woman to another.


In fact, the first three pieces in pink vermeil gold were given as a gift by the Irish Prime Minister on the arrival of Michelle Obama last year to Dublin.



‘Share and encourage your friend or those in need of encouragement and support,’ Melissa said to me. And crumbs, I nearly blubbed pathetically whilst thinking of all the amazing women I have met on my travels. Needless to say, I regained my composure and managed to extract myself back into FULL WOMAN POWER MODE.


This Christmas there will be a lot of women receiving this perfect memento of my appreciation of them.