There were exciting chats on a Sunday amongst us girls, and it more often then not ends up in fashion. And sometimes, as in this instance, there are glorious discoveries! This time it all started around a story from one of my high-powered cousins (in government) who had recently been taken to lunch with a group of dignitaries at an über smart restaurant. Being the only woman and with nowhere to put her bag (floors are a no-no), she hung it on her chair. Engrossed in conversation she realised only too late the bag had disappeared. Distraught by her loss of not only phone, keys, bag and serious official documents, she vowed there and then never to have her bag anywhere but on the table in front of her eyes at hands reach, where any intruder would be dealt with unmercifully.

IMG_3262.JPG Enter the Bijou Bag - a bag that is so beautiful and small that you can literally decorate the table with it! With only enough room for iPhone, keys, lipstick and credit cards, it's just nearly enough, even for me. IMG_3281.JPG

Arantxa is a civil engineer, but coming into the workplace in the Spanish crisis didn't put her off starting her own buisiness - she was already being asked by friends and family to make them a bag, before she even realized it could be a livelihood. She's just about to launch her Los Bolsitos de Arantxa label that will be online shortly. If you can't wait though, she is always available through e-mail on losbolsitosdearantxa@gmail.com

Pricing ranges from 40€ -100€ at the moment. So don't just rush, gallop!