SHOES? Yes, but where did this delicious collection of to-die-for leather trenches pop up from? I REALLY HAD NO IDEA, and what about the 3/4 length petal-style leather skirts and jackets? A complete revelation!

Of course the shoes are there, like the classic ballet pump with a buckle that has been given a new twist: The Gentleman's Corner - a notch on the inside side of the heel, originally conceived in the 1930s to stop men from getting their heels caught on the turn-ups of their trousers. Their clutches are similarly notched, creating a rather pleasing aesthetic.


Harking back to their heritage, Bally's crest is found on their fabrics and a zigzag, mimicking the Austrian mountains, is embossed on the leather trims on the handbags.


But it's the clothing that really surprised me - a collection of classic everyday pieces with a more relaxed, less structured edge. My FAVOURITE has to be the yellow striped dress. Is it an ode to Sally Singer?