Design comes in many guises. When you mix the disciplines and bring the senses together, you can create something truly wondrous. Alessia_Xoccato collections always start with material research and her inspiration this season is the German 19th Century abstraction of Paul Klee. The collection is very geometric and playful with hand-coloured plastic.


The collection is mostly made of cottons in varied thicknesses, and soft poplin shirts with embossed effects of transparent organza are a big part of the collection. In fact, shirting is well developed throughout, cropped and converted in t-shirts and dresses.


Solid colour blocks punctuate the strength and the brightness of the collection with ultramarine blue, teal, pool green and citron, then softening into a sky blue through to a nude colour. Black defines some of the pastel pieces, combined with light variations of white, milk and ice tones.

It's a very refreshing choice of colours. My particular favourite was the pool ball green!


The presentation also included Milan-based Serbian designer, Uros Mihic's Oribook installation.


Photographs by Giulia Rosatelli