Cheeky Maude spent most of her London Fashion Week slugging back glasses of decent ME London Hotel 'shampers,' while target="_blank">David Longshaw spent his time finishing the colouring on his 'Haute Gamme' one-off pieces in the hotel lobby! Looking at it philosophically, each one was doing what they love best.


If you haven't come across Maude and you are intrigued, Maude is the fabric fashion mouse made by David Longshaw originally whilst he was at Central St Martins. She's beautifully feminine, playful yet chic, but most definitely all MOUSE!

I am not sure what comes first with David, illustration or design, but I do know that the combination is explosive! When you wear one of his pieces, you're definitely singled out, which I LOVE!


SS15 is all white, pinks and blues that create the backdrop for David's beautiful illustration. Simple shift dresses are given volume and playfulness with fabric and storytelling.


The multi-talented Longshaw will also be releasing a special book for Christmas: “MAUDEMAS - A Christmas Maude Tale,” where dappy Maude recounts the trials and tribulations of how she went about adding some ‘gritty glamour’ to MAUDEZINE’s December issue. This will be his 4th ‘fashionable children’s tale for grown-ups’ and the 3rd book in the Maude & Doris series. All the books including ‘Mildred,' ‘Maude’ and ‘Eleanor and the Squirrel’ are available in print and on Kindle from Amazon (worldwide) and in selected stores.


David Longshaw is a participating costume designer for." The Interior Designers Pantomime' at the The Bloomsbury Theatre from the 28th of October 2014 to Saturday the 1st of November 2014.